Interior Railings

Custom, variety of products available

Our selection of interior railings will inspire your next design. Let us help you enhance your décor to suit your style. We only use the highest quality products with a variety of choices available. We provide multiple material combinations to help you achieve your vision. We build and install railings for indoor applications including gates, window grills, balconies and other ornamental accessories. We will either design your custom built railings, or bring your own design to life. Our interior railings can be made of wrought iron, glass, woods, or steel. Call today for your free estimate.

Glass Railings

Glass railings are becoming very popular, they are light and sophisticated, and can provided an unobstructed view to other areas of the home. Glass railings can be made to work with any home style, from traditional too modern as they come in a range of styles and options. Glass railings can help to create a very open space, which can help to expand a smaller space or to add more light to other areas of the home.
Traditional to Modern Home Designs
Bright and Open
Durable and Long Lasting
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Wood Railings

Wood railings are a more traditional approach, but with the current techniques can feel very modern and warm. Wood railings come in a variety of styles and stains to match the rest of your room, with a wide range of materials of different wood grains & textures to add some visual interest to the room. When shopping for a new railing to enhance your room consider the other colors and textures in the room currently, along with if you want the staircase to be a focal point of the room, or to fit in with the rest of the room.
Warm & attractive material
Variety of Textures and tones
Natural Materials
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Wrought Iron Railings

Metal railings are often associated with a more modern, contemporary house design. Due to being stronger than wood they are able to be a lot thiner, and are able to be worked into an almost limitless number of designs and styles. Metal railings are able have be used as a focal point in the design through some visual interest areas, or they are able to be made thinner then wood so that they are far less noticeable so as to not take away from another focal point in the room.
Modern & Contemporary Design
Highly Durable and Long Lasting
Almost limitless Styles
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A 65% deposit is required upon start of project. The balance is paid when you are satisfied with the work completed. Payment may be paid by: cash, email transfer and cheques. We do not accept credit card payments.

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