Railing Repair

Whether you have a loose railing, missing posts or just need to have your railing stained we are here to help! We are able to provide fast and quality railing repair service to Barrie and the surrounding area. Some things to think about when looking at getting a railing repaired are:

  • Is the railing dangerous / likely to break soon? If so contact us now to come and do a site visit to get it fixed for you! It is much less expensive to fix a railing before it completely breaks or causes an accident. We are able to match most stains and railing styles as needed, and can perform quick and reliable repairs to ensure the safety of your railing.
  • Do you want the railing stained or painted? If you are looking up enhance the value of the home the railing and staircase can be a powerful centerpiece if the right colors and style are applied.
  • Do you have kids? If so this will affect the style of railing that you are looking for, as well as it's functionality. i.e Glass railing vs wooden.